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Things Chinese Companies Do Much Better Than Apple and Samsung

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Chinese phone makers are growing their sales all around the world and also they are doing that while Apple, Samsung and also the other mainstream phone manufacturers are taking hits. So exists something unique that they are doing to tempt purchasers in?

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36 Thoughts to “Things Chinese Companies Do Much Better Than Apple and Samsung”

  1. PhoneArena

    Do you think that all phone makers should include a free case, screen protector and wireless charger included in the box like many Chinese companies?

    1. TheDestroyer M


    2. Terry Thomas

      yes for sure they should

    3. Susil Gurung dfm

      PhoneArena sure and they have to reduce the price also otherwise Chinese phone will lead the world market very soon

  2. 2WIREG

    A shitty 15 dollar case and crappy low quality screen protector wont be the deal breaker

    People have their own preferences in cases and screen protectors. I wont use nothing less than an otterbox for myself and i already have a wireless charger. Dont need them laying all over the house. Plus wireless charging even fast wireless charging is still and hour slower than straight plugging it in.

    More or less your complaints are geared towards apple than Samsung.

    Pricing? Huawei mate 20 pro costs just much as a note 9 here in Canada.

    Bottom line apple is the one that needs to fix themselves. They are charging laptop prices for a phone that’s already getting replaced this year. 90 bucks for a fast charger for an iPhone on a already hefty 1500 dollar price tag (again in canada) is laughable. I’d rather Samsung give me AKG headphone and a headphone jack than a crappy screen protector and case I will never use.

    Samsung isnt perfect. But they are not as bad as you are trying to make them sound.

    Because we all know this channel secretly loves iPhones so when you have to bash apple you have to try really hard to make sure Samsung also sounds bad.

    1. Parth Malani

      i absolutely agree and i would go on and say if it costs around 1500 dollars better give me a wireless charger and a premium case and some great earphones but sadly that doesn’t happen. for the price that you can buy the mi mix or some other phone the included options are great.
      1 the screen protector is usable.
      2.unless you buy a case along with your phone you’ll probably need the case that those manufacturers provide until you get something you like.
      3.these are already cheaper than the other flagships and that particular customer base appreciates that.cater to your audience.


    china is great country red salute

  4. Prem Garu

    Great review. Agreed and subscribed.

  5. Prashant kumar

    Absolutely right. Great range of choice in mobile market is because of Chinese manufacturers. Chinese mobiles are really great value for hard earned money money without compromising on quality of products

  6. Peter Ford

    Hi,,, You’re so right. It’s all profit for the big three
    But hey, tell those guys at Moto to give us back the Moto x, with the original X stereo speakers and plus size high definition screens. Maybe the Chinese don’t care about sound,,,who knows. But the Moto X pure, was the best all around mid-range in 2015. Bring it back Lenovo. Good video. We need more of those to let the mid-range outfits know, we appreciate them. Samsung, Apple and LG will never learn. Seems there are enough wealthy buyers that stay with them for them to care.

  7. David Martrano

    All the Chinese companies have to do is keep their prices down. Apple & Samsung will do the rest. Ridiculous pricing. The average consumer can’t afford these one thousand dollar phones. It’s simple math folks!

    1. 2WIREG

      Mate 20 pro cost the same as a note 9 in canada. So not sure what you are referring to

    2. TheDestroyer M

      +2WIREG I think he is reffering to xiaomi or oneplus cause xiaomi is the best at pricing.

    3. Help me

      The reason why their prices are so low because they dont pay for r&d unlike apple and samsung

  8. Sijan Mahmud

    Redmi and oneplus are best in the world

    1. Gates KOORBA

      What’s so good about 1plus .I dont think it’s the best.

  9. Sauce ur-patty

    Chinese phones had a headstart in pricing when they initially just copied designs thanks to China requiring foreign companies to partner with the locals. Now that they’re innovating, you’d see their prices par with the Samsungs since R&D doesn’t come free. Even Samsung went through this phase before.

  10. älä tule

    the way he says Mi Mix makes want to kick him

    1. A YouTube channel with no name

      Makes what?

  11. Tow Dow 3

    you dont need a case.
    you dont need a screen protector.
    the reason why you dont get a case and a screen protector is because YOU DONT NEED THEM.
    2 day battery life…that shouldn’t be on this stupid list as that depends on what youre doing that you need your phone to last 48 continuous hours….

    1. Blessindisguise

      Exactly you’re right! Spot on.

    2. Parth Malani

      why dont you want to fast charge your phone? that’s just stupid.
      2.its free and great for protection until you find the one that you like.
      3.if nobody needs them then why does such a big market exist. heck, even Apple has them on their sites.why?
      again why don’t you want better battery life?
      its like saying yeah I know this improves the product and is cheaper too but I’m satisfied with my less performing phone.

    3. Sai anand

      So you sit and wait for nearly 2 hours to charge your phone, and spend Double the amount of money on a product which forces you to buy more Accessories to do the same thing? How stupid can you be??? 😠 😡

  12. LowLightVideos

    Selling the most phones at a loss means two (maybe three) things.

    1. You sell the most phones.
    2. You lose the most.

    Sure they get market share and become well known. As long as they remain subsidized and make a _profit_ by other means they can continue to do business at a loss.

    Disclaimer: I bought the well known and overpriced phone, it works great and hopefully will remain working for many years.

    My phone’s manufacturer made a profit and has money to pay their employees and invest in research or new equipment.

    1. Raymond Numir

      That’s ironic because for the past few years I’ve seen the chinese do more R&D and push design and features beyond it’s boundaries. They were the first to come with UD fingerprint, popularize the idea of bezel-less and so on. The last design innovation from Samsung is the curved screen and 18:9 ratio smartphone. And Apple, i couldn’t rmb the last time they innovate anything. Also it’s even more ironic how big player charge their customer a hefty amount of money on their phone that’s build in 3rd world cheap labour company then come out the next with little improvement?

  13. Lionel Rimbault

    You don’t explain it’s totally two differents business model….

    These Chinese company CAN’T sell their cases at 40$…. YET. By the time they get more popular, they will, and that’s obvious. Companies are here to make money, a way or another. There is nothing wrong with that.

    The fact that apple doesn’t incluse a fast charger in the box, I agree.

    Other than that, we have to make a better comparaison. Chinese companies are about quantities. Apple is about hight price to make more money.

  14. Susil Gurung dfm

    Totally agree. This video should watch apple and Samsung CEO. one more thing Chinese phone are coming with latest powerful hardware and almost almost awesome camera. And good price range with some extra thing in the box. Like fast charger cover screen protector wireless charger 😁. Apple and Samsung 👎.

  15. Arvizas TIPSLT2 - Reviews, Gameplay & Vlogs

    I have a Huawei P9 Lite 2016 Phone! Its a good phone !

  16. marvin ochieng

    I dont love or hate any manufacturer but dont you think some chinese manufacturer can undercut samsung and apple since they dont spend as much in research and development because they somewhat copy the bigboys ?

    1. Raymond Numir

      That’s ironic because I’ve seen these Chinese smartphone manufacturer invest the most in R&D for the past few years while the BigBoys sitting comfortably in the previous glory not doing anything?
      E.g: UD fingerprint, bezel less screen (popularize my Mi Mix), and lots of innovative design. U might dont agree with this lists but in recent years, Chinese phones had become more interesting than the bigbois

  17. Help me

    The reason why Chinese smartphones are so cheap unlike samsunga and apple is because they dont pay for r&d. Alot of their technologies are stolen from giant tech companies outside of china. Chine is very good at stealing trade secrets and ips

  18. hafeez angaria

    I’m using Huawei Last 5 Years phone Screen Broke But it’s Using fully Comfortably Huawei Company is Best 👍👍👍

  19. Nisal Seliya

    I think the price should be the first reason… Apple and Samsung phones are too much expensive than Chinese phones. That is the main reason to people buy Chinese mobile phones than Apple and Samsung…

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