Samsung Mobile Phone 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Model!

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Galaxy S10 is showing up quickly – Hands-on with exactly what to anticipate.

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89 Thoughts to “The Samsung Galaxy S10 Model!”

  1. Marques Brownlee

    C’mon YouTube processing, I believe in you…

    1. Wilbur Gonsalves

      Is that a Dump + Swing T-shirt?

    2. Abdullah Nasir

      The hardware will be good. But design wise i think it could have been made better. Like you said looks like a smaller note and not S

    3. Matthias Nußbacher


  2. William Wesemann

    Budget phone for 800??? And we thought apple was the most expencive budget phone…

    1. inferno fighter

      Apple is still the most expensive

    2. LáSt ŪçhïHã

      800 quad HD display
      750Bucks iPhone 4 screen…

    3. mic12334

      +LáSt ŪçhïHã
      in Austria iphone xr costs 850 Euro which is more than 950 Dollar.
      Apple is so stupid in Europe.

      the price of s10 lite will be in europe 750 Euro.

    4. Victor Mota-Gil

      The problem is that Apple has the nerve to charge u such ridiculous price for a phone with technology from 3 years ago.

      It’ll be like 2 or 3 years before they even have in-screen finger print.

    5. Nether Cookiez

      Buget? I’m dying already…

  3. karthik r

    One day selling one kidney won’t be sufficient to buy a flagship mobile phone. You must trade your car too.

    1. Ammar

      +Gabriel Tobing it was real.

    2. sneaky_wombait

      What is that profile picture? I see so many people having it

    3. noypi NERDx

      nah mate. one needs to trade one’s soul to lucifer

    4. Rraviteja Marv

      It is just Byproduct of advancements in Technology, all these things will boil down to midrange segment by the early next year with cheaper price tags….
      So there is always hope for people who can’t afford cutting edge tech….

    5. Paula Grey

      Hey, you forgot to add your Grandmother’s wedding ring…..😂😂.

  4. Scotty Zepplin

    2000bucks for a device that answers phone calls and sends texts? Nope. My camera is cheaper than this phone but it takes waaaaaaaaay better pictures.

    1. Block Novice

      Then grab a budget phone for under $100

    2. Pizza Van

      I thought you wrote vbuckd

    3. Genius Tekken

      Only 2000 vbucks so cheap

    4. Eddie

      If answering phone calls and sending texts is all you use your phone for, these expensive phones are not aimed towards you

  5. Floydarn'

    2000 dollars… For that price you can build yourself a real fast e-bike to commute with!

    1. Be Real

      +aliwalyd3 lol 3 cameras are made for ugly people. 1 tells the truth, 1 is lying and the other never works.

    2. aliwalyd3 lol

      +Be Real that’s only for selfie cams though. Cause I like the wide angle lens and the zoom lenses on the back. They come in handy sometimes.

    3. Unbox in Motion

      And use it to commute it to a SAMSUNG store to buy yourself the $2000 5G, 1TB version of the Galaxy S10+.

    4. Rae Badding's

      TheBadbro12 who still uses gay as an offensive/negative term in 2019… are you 10? 😂

    5. ARUN RAJ

      But you can’t play PUBG in an e-bike.. 😂

  6. British Entertainment

    1tb veesion will be 1.499$. Not 2000$ lol.

    1. Hussein Shibghotulloh

      +iconik 2333 Indeed

    2. Surmestic

      +iconik 2333 XS max costs $1449 which is $50 less and has half the storage

    3. Loopdy Loop

      Never heard of any “ Veesion” before.

    4. TheDaily

      That’s 5 months of car payments

    5. British Entertainment

      +Surmestic this. Xsmax costs 50$ less with 512gb. Nothing unreasonable about Samsung wanting 50$ more for 1000gb of storage and more ram, better display, 5G(?)…

  7. Qais Rasooly

    I have so much respect for Samsung to still keep the headphone jack

    1. dreu dax

      Big Ben i just watched this video in 4k hdr with a phone that has hifi audio jack with no bezels or holes. What manufacturers are doing now is not moving forward. Not only u pay more but they remove a lot of features and steal private data. New phones now no longer support somethjng as simple as fm radio because they dont want consumers to listen to free music. They go as far as to grpund the connection in the chip.

    2. Kruzer Blade

      shredded cheese A8s idiot. A8 with a ‘s’.

    3. Kruzer Blade

      Hafidz Zakaria it’s come to India as well.

    4. Kruzer Blade

      Hafidz Zakaria I live there.

    5. Surmestic

      +Big Ben removing a headphone jack is very much a step backwards coming from a music productor, removing useful stuff = going backwards

  8. Zunnorain Shah

    Does your shirt mean:- “Unloading Kids” !???

    1. Cho Tube

      Dumpster babies

    2. F-14A Tomcat Tobar


    3. Unbox in Motion

      There’s a “+” sign in between, which clearly means that if you dump what ever is in that dump truck, and put a kid on a swing, you will end up getting Marques.

    4. Felix Watson

      They’re ultimate frisbee references. Dump and swing. A dump is offloading the disc to someone back and close to you then the swing is where they put a long pass across the field to get another angle of attack. Pretty fundamental part of the game 🙂

    5. tomtebre

      Felix Watson Pretty sure it’s just a masturbation reference

  9. Felix K.

    It’s a Lotch 😀 “Loch” being the german word for “hole” 😀 please go with it!

    1. budus2

      It also means a lake in Scotland xD

    2. Geert Wilders

      We hebben da krieg verloren

    3. Simeon Lipps

      Deutsche!felixba viewer😍🤣

    4. Pizza Van

      Sehr schön!

  10. Flaviu

    They need to make the S10 Lite around 650-700$ to have a succes .


      I think companies are doing this price hike thing every year to show the customers that prices will only increase and never come down hence forcing them to upgrade their phones while they have the chance.

    2. Len ak

      +DUDE VS TECH you still have the A, J and the M series that are affordable, it’s like cars, a Lamborghini will have a higher price than a prius

    3. Surmestic

      exactly, and the normal S10 should be $750 – $800 meanwhile the S10+ should be below $999

    4. Martin Mendoza

      They can’t do that because Galaxy A9 Pro costs almost 600. S model’s price can’t be in that neighborhood.

    5. EnthusiasTech

      +SUPER USER I thought that’s why they would make a Lite model, to make it just a wee bit affordable. If they don’t, I will be sorely disappointed but oh well.


    I’m going to wait for the flagship, $8,500 Galaxy Note 37.

    1. p m

      It’ll have 30 cameras

    2. Glydel Cangmaon

      Must avail the note 107

    3. Sweet Trends TV

      ahahahahaha oh my days!

    4. Abdelrahman Hegazy

      NEXUS MINDWARPED AMERICA. Don’t buy it l recommend you buy a one plus 31T is very cheap just $7,000

  12. RICH Photography

    Apple makes a $1000 phone…people lose their minds!

    Samsung makes a $1000 phone…everyone says “yeah that’s kinda normal”

    1. Bean Cena

      Because Samsung gived you a phone with a headphone jack. Apple did not.

    2. Dil Ritzy

      That’s because you get better specs with Samsung

    3. ChronicBrever

      People say it is normal because it is much better than apple and has many more features while apple is just the same fucking phone but bigger and worst

  13. Mohd. Ayaan

    Only like for headphone jack.

  14. Enter A Life

    I’m done with Samsung. I think my Note8 will be the last flagship phone I have before going “budget”
    I do not want to support these prices when we get so little new each time. No sir.
    They are pushing out the normal person who doesn’t want to go into debt for a phone.

    1. Jay

      It very likely won’t cost that much. Most rumours say it (regular s10) will cost about the same as the s9 at launch. Also the price will come down relatively fast.

    2. Surmestic

      +Mr. Nahui NO, if ur budget is tight af get a xiaomi redmi or samsung M, if u have a slightly higher budget then wait for samsung A phones or get a huawei, if ur budget is so high get an S10 when it launches

    3. King Hepatitis

      I got the Note 8 -closing in on 2 years and I still have sticker shock. $1000 is just…insane for a phone. Insane. Half the price is more reasonable and I learned my lesson for sure. Overall I’ve been really happy with it but I won’t be getting a phone this expensive again. It’s just not worth it.

    4. Jameel Joyner

      OnePlus is honestly the way to go


    I have so much respect for Samsung to still keep the headphone jack

    1. John C John

      Go Samsung but also begone thots.

    2. iFrarisHD

      No one cares tho if you listen music and charge ur phone at the same time ur battery gonna break or something so its not important

    3. RakiArtsFX

      but i dont have respect for the coder who made you

    4. c0pyimitati0n

      You old fogies want a cassette tape player too? 🤣

  16. Taikamuna

    As a person who never uses the front camera, I’m wondering if it’s possible for a smartphone company to make a phone that doesn’t have a front camera. It’s really distracting to have a black dot in your screen that you will never even use

    1. Ernesto Guevara

      +c0pyimitati0n back camera

    2. Time Edge

      Samsung is making a phone called the A90 and it wont have the front camera in the display

    3. the nightcore potato

      +Stefan Kurcubic sorry to say buddy but the ara was discontinued a while back they took a radical change and made it barely modular then they canned it all together

    4. thepllayer 007

      Yeah but think about the Insta girls kappa

    5. c0pyimitati0n

      +Ernesto Guevara ok, but you can’t frame your shot or else you need a tripod… How about a dual screen like the Vivo Nex?

  17. Taikamuna

    A budget phone for me would be $180


    🔥🔥It’s really distracting to have a black dot in your screen that you will never even use🔥🔥

    1. Sher Jan

      Alright now we get opinions from THOTS, Great.

    2. SWTH71

      That’s what they said about the notch

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