Samsung Notebook 9 Pro: Exploring Its Cutting-edge Design

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A sensational vision to lay eyes on. Introducing the Note Pad 9 Pro, where clean-cut minimalism fulfills smart convenience. Discover the information behind its sophisticated style, from the fine-tuned visual to its powerful connectivity and also all-day battery life.

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43 Thoughts to “Samsung Notebook 9 Pro: Exploring Its Cutting-edge Design”

  1. Spidemode

    Ok Samsung, got you fam

  2. Kwinny Studios

    Love it

  3. chelsea boy

    do livestream on this channel Samsung ❤😊

  4. Gaby Alcaraz

    I AM LIVING FOR THIS,I am a human Samsung sponser all the time just ask my Apple friends😂😂😁

  5. Adrian James

    Samsung is the best

  6. Elitarny - Road2BePro

    Samsung is coming back to making good laptops!

  7. Dylan Mangezvo

    Why are Samsung products amazing.

    1. Parker's Brick Box

      Dylan Mangezvo they’re not. They’re over glorified bombs.

    2. Daniel Moon

      +Parker’s Brick Box Well last I heard, an iPhone exploded while updating and charging not long ago.

    3. Magic Mike

      +Parker’s Brick Box just like apple, used to be an Apple lover wish Others can lift thier vail off from their eyes to see how greedy the company is.

    4. Siri Great Animations

      Dylan Mangezvo effort and brains

  8. Nándor.

    Please, Samsung Galaxy S10 Review video!

  9. Haider Khan

    The Future is Samsung .

  10. The Gamer

    Bettee is Samsung Than Apple

    1. Zap Animations 取締

      “Samsung is bettee than apple”

    2. The Gamer

      +OG KING just shup up

    3. Latrell Jennings

      I’m getting kinda tired of hearing about Apple in every single video… who cares???

  11. SG N8

    When I can buy it???

    1. Demonic Games

      +DARKWEB 2016

  12. natan gemal

    I love samsung!!! Waaay better than apple! Leave like if u agreee

    1. Пллдтппп Рроллл

      If someone gives me 2000$ I will buy it laptop!

    2. Chaitanay mittal

      Yes i agree. But you ain’t getting my like

    3. natan gemal

      +Chaitanay mittal why not

    4. Johnny Wynn

      Fumax I agree

    5. The fresh Pshaws

      natan gemal I agree

  13. Jeremy Kinch

    Samsung is the KING of Technology. 🤓🤗

  14. Timur Blv

    Yesss finallyy!!!

  15. Fabs

    Finally an ad with cool music again 😎 would buy

  16. devind 407

    If there is a Notebook 9 pro, where is the Notebook 9?

    I’m probably gonna go on Samsung’s YouTube channel to find out a Notebook 9 exists in like 2 minutes.

  17. Maciej Kosowski

    I’am gonna click the N button.

    1. Loadin' Something

      I’m say the n word

    2. Loadin' Something


    3. Latrell Jennings

      I know you’re referring to the commercial… but random comment

  18. KingsonDE

    If this is as good as a macbook I’ll instantly buy it! #Samsung

    1. JM TechReview

      Nope, it is not as good as a macbook…. It is better than a macbook! 😀

  19. ini Budi

    yea samsung have the best technology
    but you still have thick edges😏

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