Samsung Notebook 9 Pen: Full Feature Tour (2019)

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Take your look for the best laptop computer to the following level with the most recent edition of the Note pad 9 Pen. Now upgraded with incredibly advanced functions for remarkable performance, consisting of a full light weight aluminum body with a diamond-cut metal finish, costs AKG stereo audio speakers with Rumbling Amp, and new Thunderbolt 3 ports and also UFS card ports.

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40 Thoughts to “Samsung Notebook 9 Pen: Full Feature Tour (2019)”

  1. Francisco Javier SDLG :v

    Son los mejores

  2. Xavier Bazan

    Good job!

  3. Miguel Moreno

    Samsung power

  4. JUAN פרחים

    Amo Samsung ♥️♥️♥️

  5. Balmore Maza

    Can I just buy this right now.🔥👨🏼‍💻

    1. Leizandre

      how much is it; because i have the same question lul

    2. Balmore Maza

      i wwas looking the samsung web page and they have over there one notebook9 pen. but i think that its not the same.

    3. Ben Schipunov

      @Leizandre 10 times the number OVER 9000 cents.

  6. Aviation Gaming

    Which is better?
    Samsung – Like
    Apple – Reply

    1. Aşağıda Uçuyoruz

      Lul this is samsung account

    2. AppleGiro

      did i kill your mom ? i said apple makes amazing products i’m not hating on you bitchass

    3. Me Tube

      I like apple better but you may like samsung😁

    4. Wolfielover3874

      Don’t ever bring apple up on this legendary channel 😷😷😷

  7. E.C.M.14


  8. david alvarado

    Me encantó!! Creo que es la laptop de Samsung que mas me ha llamado la atención, solo que al video de presentación le falta mostrar más🤔

    1. Beyblade Burst

      david alvarado eso mismo pense

  9. Ahmado

    Samsung is the best.

  10. Mauricio Mascarenhas

    Caraalho velho… que FODA… morri com essa…

  11. Juice

    Any update on the release date for the Galaxy S10 Plus? I’m ready to start vlogging in 8k 60fps. =)

    1. Sicko Snake

      Facts bro them leaks look beautiful

    2. Afi Adani

      Around the last week of February

    3. Taimur Ahmed

      10th Feb I think

  12. natan gemal

    like if u dont mind pls

    1. natan gemal

      +Hen Peckedlizard so much better than apple right

    2. Omar Abid

      I love Samsung Note series.

    3. Bezma TV

      Я тоже люблю Самсунг
      I love Samsung too

    4. Wolfielover3874

      I love you guys and samsung

  13. Pr04basher

    looks pretty good.
    But does the Pen really only have one button? :/
    I mean one button is good enough for my note9 but a Laptop should do a little more I think.
    And is this a Android book? it kinda seems like it because there is real Windows10 shown. 🤔

    1. ItsGer

      It’s a windows laptop, probs gonna cost more than 1200$ so I’m with you on the s pen button, I hope it does all the features of the note 9 and more

  14. The Elder God


  15. RAM Golden

    *Samsung is advanced technology*
    *Apple is nonsense,* *Apple is nothing in front of Samsung*

    1. TheAndreiuTx

      Yes, because Samsung really sold 1,5 billion devices and samsung is first company to reach 1 trillion dollars. Nice!

    2. Latrell Jennings

      Okay… time to calm down with your Apple vs. Samsung comments now…

  16. RAM Golden

    *if you have with Samsung, you will have with advanced technology*
    *if you have with Apple, you will have with nothing instead of Arrogant*

  17. Patrick Doile

    Wow amazing notebook of Samsung I need one of that definitely

  18. LESCHOK33

    I will buy it in future

  19. Matias Tzib

    Samsung is Love 👍👏👏💕💚💙💜

  20. Mikronow Official

    The pen is the same in my note 9 😛

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