Samsung Notebook 9: Introducing the New 2019 Edition

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Powerful performance fulfills prolonged battery life in the most recent version of the Notebook 9. Stay unplugged and concentrated on your tasks without stressing over recharging. Boost your efficiency with this electronic eager beaver. #SamsungNotebook

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64 Thoughts to “Samsung Notebook 9: Introducing the New 2019 Edition”

  1. Felix The beast

    Yes Apple is trash

    1. Recardo Lugg

      +Lucas Ford we all have beautiful opinions

    2. Alaska Mountains

      People saying apple fans are more saltier but who’s the one being salty

    3. Lucas Ford

      +Recardo Lugg yes and we are all happy little accidents

    4. Ryan Choi

      +You’re right, but I have seen a ton of apple fans hating on samsung for no absolute reason. As a matter of fact some do it in an immature way. And also there really are things to hate about apple, such as their ways of making people spend more money to them with their products that have unreasonable prices when you compare them with other tech products. Call me a fandroid or whatever, but I’m just telling the facts.


    We all waiting for Galaxy S10 series.

    1. Gadgets Arise

      Yeah you’re right.

    2. Mau5 Fan

      Yeah you’re right.

    3. GreenPepper2

      Just be patient this is the laptop’s ad! 😊

      Im SUPER excited too..!!

    4. Nick tan

      Am waiting for the Note 10.

    5. i9 Extreme Edition

      me too

  3. mordern anonymous

    Nice guru I buy it now and you

  4. Luke Rajaram

    Who loves Samsung so muchhhhhhhhh

    Hit that *Like button*

    1. Lucas Ford

      +Super Gunta he probably didnt even get to hear the video cause his bluetooth device died and he lost his overpriced dongle

    2. Super Gunta

      Lucas Ford, I don’t use dongles. 😅

    3. Alaska Mountains

      +FR Rockstar why are you being mean to him if he is not a samsung fan, ugh SAMSUNG FANS TYPICAL🤦‍♀️

    4. FR Rockstar

      +Alaska Mountains I seen his comment on other hand hate comment about Samsung. He’s Apple sheep. He disrespected about all Samsung devices. If he dislike he shouldn’t replying here. Look for his comment you will see.

    5. Jayden Kim

      I love Samsung and all but Samsung still needs to bring up their laptop game because apple is doing much better with MacBooks.


    I’m gonna say the n word.


      +A YouTube channel with no name

      Sir, I think you should search up the meme to understand.

    2. SquishyPumpkin Music

      Nice.. Legit..Lit Design

    3. Andy Quintanilla

      Mrs Obama, get down!!!!

    4. nimphu


  6. hamza lacoste

    Nice design, you did it again Samsung

    1. Siri Great Animations

      hamza lacoste I want gold version

    2. PS show channel

      hamza lacoste this is design like at Apple’s MacBooks

  7. Ricardo Oliveira

    *Excellent technology from Samsung!*

  8. mostafaa id

    I love you samsung .

  9. Brandon Hernandez

    I love you Sammy!

    1. Super Gunta

      Brandon Hernandez, I hate you Sammy!

    2. Brandon Hernandez

      +Super Gunta I don’t remember talking to you😂

    3. FR Rockstar

      +Super Gunta Dude you again. Leave.

    4. Lucas Ford

      +Super Gunta I hate you super gunta

    5. Brandon Hernandez

      +FR Rockstar is this a dude that just goes around making hate comments?

  10. The Elite

    Better than apple

    1. Ameer Ali Ouarda

      @Balrajda savage:

      Touchbar is far better. It provides contextually specific controls, to use screen laptops doesn’t only make your screen a right mess, but it strains your arm like crazy, especially after extended amounts of time.

    2. Ameer Ali Ouarda

      @Balrajda savage:

      Plus ecosystem. Apple makes the best smartwatches, smartphones, and mobile tablets period.

    3. Victor Ji

      +Shaune Wales no Macs are better


    When Samsung Notebook 10 transparent display will be available???

    1. White Trash

      Why would you want that? It’s impractical, reduces usability, and adds cost. Literally the most useless possible feature.

    2. Diamond Glee Gaming

      +White Trash I think he/she was joking

    3. White Trash

      +Diamond Glee Gaming ah ok then. i completely missed it.

  12. POP CORN

    Nice i can’t afford it 😀

    1. Youssef Nabhan

      What is the price ?

    2. Midnight Games

      Youssef Nabhan

    3. User #22413

      +Midnight Games Pretty cheap for a good laptop

  13. RubCuber

    Meanwhile at apple: 4 USB C ports and costing up to 7000 dollars

    1. Delirium

      +Victor Ji Even lower priced laptop doesn’t get this butterfly key issue. I hope you know , when you press certain letters on your keyboard , it inputs it twice , heck even put space or triple it

    2. Delirium

      +Victor Ji I mean it’s intel in the end sooo ??

    3. Delirium

      +Victor Ji i mean the keyboard is more essential than the material dude , how tf would you use it then ?

    4. Victor Ji

      +Delirium apple is heccin offerin replacments for free

    5. Victor Ji

      +Delirium but i do agree that this is an issue and it should be fixed

  14. Yunior_67

    Si hablas español deja tu like. 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

  15. Nuwan Sanjeewa

    how much will it cost

  16. Luis Edward

    I’m waiting for the S10 introduction

  17. TheAmazing Josh

    *Ahh, thats hot, thats hot*

  18. Roman Cold

    Why only 1.8k likes on it, this doesn’t make sense, everyone like it!

  19. i XtreMme

    Why these are not selling in Romania… 😓

  20. Henri Cela


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