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Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks in FULL

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We'll have three brand-new Galaxy S10 phones this year: the S10e, the S10 and the S10 And also, and also all of them have actually leaked completely.


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49 Thoughts to “Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks in FULL”

  1. Pushpendra 1991

    Will wait for n10

  2. Giorat23

    Galaxy S10e the way to go, same cpu/gpu, same main camera+tele photo, enough ram, flat display (way better than curve) more comfortable..

    1. Mr Comer

      I agree I concur…

    2. Giorat23

      I Am Prometheus of course yes.. curved screens only have disadvantages (glare, distort display content and texts, greenish borders, ultra fragile, accidental touches….)

    3. jonathan M

      how did you came up with the conclusion that it is more comfortable? the fingerprint reader’s placement alone will take some time to get used to

    4. Su Yini

      +John Clingmon 🤣🤣

    5. Ahmed Talpur

      True thanks to Samsung For flagship That has no edge Display. And i really prefer smaller screen 😇😇😇

  3. albert yosef

    I like the colour.😬😬

  4. Roshan Kumar

    Well storage is needed for storing homework.
    Man, nowadays homework files size 10s of gigabytes.
    And that VR homework is just above our league..

    1. Abbas Bhaijibhai


    2. Amateur Professional

      Can you please tell me about things called homework files?? I’ve been out of school for some years now so I don’t know what’s going on in school nowadays.

    3. Roshan Kumar

      +Amateur Professional well these homework files are supposed to be copied from friends computers and internet cause doing them is quite difficult if you are in school.LOL

    4. Roshan Kumar

      +Amateur Professional but if you are dedicated you can achieve anything.
      Homework is supposed to be done in pairs or you can include atmost 4 people.
      Prefer opposite gender, we all know girls are smart so they can help boys accomplish their target.
      But if you are comfortable with same gender then also its not a big such a case girls group is much better than boys.
      But one thing is must always complete your homework.

  5. Joaquin Gonzalez

    “2,000”??!!.. No thanks I can use that for rent, food and clothes.. That close to a price of a flat screen TV.. Ill staY with my note 9 thank u very much!!!

    1. jonathan M

      +Sandra Whibberley agree the biggest payment youll make will probably be the deposit for any of these phones even economy model. At the end of the day samsung’s goal is for their galaxy line to be more of a value than a iphone, it always has been that way. The most i see them selling the s10+ is for about 1400 or 1500. The foldable galaxy however is whole different beast. That one could be priced to compete with ipads and you cant blame them. R&D has been working on that for years, and samsung may come to collect for that.,

    2. Mr Comer

      +Joaquin Gonzalez I paid
      $350 for my s9+ got it off line used but in brand new condition. Im content but I do love to see what’s coming out next..

    3. Nettie Genus

      I so agree I just got the note 8 last year about to get the 9. 2000. They crazy.

    4. Mr Comer

      +Nettie Genus I got the Note8 for $125 off of craigslist it had a cracked screen I paid 100 dollars to get it fix so I paid 225 all together.. I figured out that the best way for me not having to pay a atm and a leg for a phone

    5. Su Yini

      +Joaquin Gonzalez lmaoo ignore that fool. you’re obviously not poor, otherwise you wouldn’t have a note 9. Don’t waste your time responding to people like that.

  6. storm gathering

    It will be better than those pieces of junk iPhone X and XS. Do you guys agree ?

    1. jacob stanley

      Of course samsung>apple

    2. Franklin Hatch

      cause u can’t afford it keep hating

    3. Random THOT

      +Franklin Hatch Apple sells cheap Samsung LCD screens as “Liquid Retina Displays” on iPhones. Apple is a brand for the ignorant or mentally challenged individuals.

    4. Franklin Hatch

      Random THOT cus ur broke get a job

    5. Random THOT

      +Franklin Hatch Poor dude, I feel sorry for you.

  7. Funtime hz

    I still don’t understand why would I need all that horsepower in a phone?
    3d rendering? No.
    Adobe sofwares? No.
    AAA games? No.

    Seriously, I want to know.

    1. Erik Leypoldt


  8. Sit N Enjoy

    Galaxy S10E – Entry Level. 🤣

    1. SKUZZA ##

      Ya Just like lite Entry Level.. EL

    2. dat boi

      better than iPhone XR that has no sale last year lol

  9. Mr Koosher

    The s10e does not have in screen finger print reader. It’s on the side of the phone


    lol wtf are these camera angles so awkward

  11. Alexander Bourdonov

    Flat screen seems to be the right one. How good is Samsung’s firmware and software for screen on S series? A series has a lot of phantom touches.

  12. Kwadwo Effah

    Will the galaxy buds connect seamlessly like the Apple airpods?

    1. Kwadwo Effah

      @Bernard I know much about the Gear Icon X.
      I know you have to download its app from play store to connect but this one is said to rival Apple’s airpods so I wanted to know if it’d connect seamlessly.
      The Gear Icon X was made purposely for fitness and exercises.

    2. Daniel

      +Kwadwo Effah its* And you don’t have to download the app, it’s already on your phone. The app isn’t compatible with iOS etc. The buds will connect to anything with bluetooth as well.

    3. Kwadwo Effah

      @Daniel Thanks for the correct bro 😂

    4. Daniel

      +Kwadwo Effah No problem, hopefully the new buds will be even better though 😛

    5. Kwadwo Effah

      @Daniel Yeah it will ☺
      Let’s hope for the better

  13. Svend Salha

    E for eccentric, erotic, erratic, ergonomic, you’ll never know.

  14. Anthony White

    I’ll keep my G4 until it dies, then I’ll purchase an earlier model like the G7 or 9+, $400-600, currently, lol. The flagships have exceeded their utility, now you’re buying the latest and greatest just for show. And that’s fine, It ain’t my money.

  15. LowLightVideos

    3:29 – Cameras oriented incorrectly for landscape DOF.

    1:10 – A completely flat screen will spoil the brightness of Edge Notification when the phone is face down, no more silent notifications during boring meetings.

    I just got the Pie update the other day. Almost a year after buying my phone is still fast and the battery lasts all day.

    I *_really_* recommend the S9+ _now_ – it will be discounted to almost a reasonable price and will probably work with Sammy’s new 512GB Evo Plus microSDXC (and the 256GB ones are on sale).

  16. YouTube Pro

    4:12 I wish the galaxy S 10 plus was that big

  17. Daine Zone

    $2000 for a phone wtf

  18. AhmedWolfgang

    S10E absolutely .

  19. You are breathing

    If it means the Note 10 will have a wide angle front camera with the bluetooth pen so I can use it as a remote shutter, then I’ll wait to upgrade my Note 8 for the note 10.

  20. PhoneArena

    Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10 Plus, which one is the best choice? 🤔

    1. NM HK

      S9 plus better than punch hole

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