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23 Thoughts to “Samsung Galaxy S10: Leaks and Rumors”

  1. Sharique khan


  2. Kev Tan

    S9 & S9+ just chillin at the back.

  3. Muhannad Oraby


  4. Blank BetterMan

    Oh man, a freaking hole on the display…
    For now the raindrop type(i.e. OnePlus 6T) or Apple’s implement (classic notch with extended display to all sides) seems to be the best type of notch that are still making some sense.
    But if I have to choose one or another, I rather not choose at all.

  5. Zarko Djuric

    Still cant afford s6….

  6. Jigar Panchal

    Hello Robot…

  7. Goldfinga Sliverfinga

    I wonder how much the flagships gonna cost 1000 on wards

  8. عبدالرحمن الحكمي

    Bad design

  9. Wormster

    s10 active?

  10. ALI ESSA

    Can not wait for this.

  11. More superior and Advanced.

    You know the Galaxy S10 LITE will still be expensive.

  12. Otis Williams

    Sounds like they will be
    $ 2000-$3000 phones.

    1. Walter Childs

      S10+ 5G going to be pricey

    2. Otis Williams

      +Walter Childs ikr.

  13. Mr Browneyes Caremel

    Honour phone this year came with ultrasonic finger print so its not the world’s first.

  14. alexjavi13ify

    Call me crazy but I’m not honestly a fan of the curved screen, I’d rather choose a flat screen

    1. Andrew Louden

      alexjavi13ify you’re not alone. I just gave up the S9 plus. Loved everything except the curved screen (and bixby).

  15. Wade Higgins

    Note 10 for me

  16. Glory Matu

    Will the S10 Lite have ultra wide angle lens? any idea?

  17. Hermawan Fandi

    I think S10 lite is the best option, flat screen, no F messy camera. Normal and wide angle would be great instead of 2x.

  18. Blessindisguise

    Screen interruption is killing it. And i was gonna wait for the Note 10 but i have a feeling it might have another deal breaker.

  19. Alican KIRICI

    I don’t like the design and choices especially put high-end tech larger display which is completely marketing rip-off. I don’t have to or want to use larger display for better tech. Not everyone Chinese users who LOVE tablet size phone…

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