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Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

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Galaxy S10 authorities hands-on as well as impressions!

Galaxy S10E Perceptions:
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67 Thoughts to “Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!”

  1. xNinjasInPyjamas

    It seemed all good until he mentioned the price
    well that’s probably why we got 2 kidneys

    1. Alexander CTA

      SuperBabyFace don’t get me wrong androids are generally better than iPhones but they just can’t keep their value for me that is a killer.

    2. xNinjasInPyjamas

      +Lukas Gröndahl Their hopping on Apple’s expensive train

    3. TheMetaNerd

      The S10+ isn’t even 1K. It depends on the storage option

    4. Krac3x !

      in germany the s10+ starts at 1.249€

    5. Sagar Sanjay Shenoy

      At least it’s worth it, unlike other brands tht make phones worth $ 400 and sell for more than $ 1000 (🍏)

  2. Friendlyvideos HD

    Trending #2 currently in Aussie 🔥

  3. Dr. Artz

    This comes from an apple fan boy, but that phone looks…


    1. Giorgos Kkk

      +Alexander CTA “hypocrite” oh my FUCKING GOD this,greek, word is soooo fucking OVERUSED

    2. Black kit Mahi

      Dr. Artz lit😍

    3. Beast playerHD

      It’s looks ugly

    4. Beast playerHD

      But I have a Samsung

    5. Apple Juicy

      +Guybrush Threepwood that’s the cam, at least it’s better than apple stupid notch

  4. Chippy Gravy

    Watching this in an iPhone and heck, I want this now lol

    1. Alex Sheno

      Chippy Gravy same

    2. aixaixon

      Same. X – my first and last iPhone. Getting the s10 in December. iPhone can milk the brand name but there is a limit..and its how far behind in tech you can fall..I think they have reached it…

  5. Meeping Nav

    The quick smart *MARKASS* jumped over the *BROWNIE*

    1. Arnav Deshpande

      Meeping Nav lol

    2. Parag Sarker

      Where’s the F?? & X.

  6. Lame Birdie

    it’s trending on #17 in india

    1. Aman Kashyap

      Trending #1 in US

    2. CheesyQuokka YT

      #2 in Australia


    only if they remove ugly selfie camera, that’d be great.
    I don’t even remember the last time I used the selfie camera.

    1. Mr. Grumps

      Yeah… ugly people tend to avoid using the selfie cam. Thanks for letting us know that you look like one of the dudes from “the hills have eyes” movie😁

    2. COCA COLA :D

      a person with @The little Johnson can you tell from where do you get “0.001%” number from?

    3. COCA COLA :D

      @Mr. Grumps, you got 2 assumptions in your “reply”.

    4. Thomas Bob

      +Mr. Grumps No it’s just that we dont need to take a picture if ourselves every 5 minutes so we can post it on social media for attention.

    5. Nikhil Chauhan

      Do u not use Snapchat ?

  8. FATMAN69 E

    This makes my snake solid

    1. CopyCat

      God has granted us the gift of speech and this is what you do with it

    2. FATMAN69 E

      +CopyCat YA LIKE CHEESE

    3. FATMAN69 E

      +Ben bee

    4. Lilgrizz

      Oh yeah yeah

  9. hazwaz

    I just bought an s8

    1. CodyTheDoggo

      Get an S11 next

    2. CheesyQuokka YT

      oof, sorry m8

    3. TheGoldenIceBall

      Sell it in 1 month because it’s value will still stay almost the same as the original price, considering that it is intact.

    4. Timi Akinlonu

      Do a trade in at Samsung and for an S10 you will pay around 200-300$ less

  10. TestofJohnnyJon

    How the hell does this guy get these phones

    1. Schmetterling

      Its called a press trade embargo

    2. HeadphoneJack

      He steals them

    3. Gabriel X

      Is called promotion.

  11. Phoenix Fyre

    Finally with the release of the S10+ , the price of the S9+ will go down, that will bring the price of the S8 will go down and I will be finally

    able to afford a Nokia 3310.

    1. Hamza Hussain

      Amanda Mengual lul wut?

    2. Busʜɪ MCR

      +nayeer ahnaf lmao

    3. abbyrose

      Phoenix Fyre omg meeeeeee ahahha

  12. Anime Litz

    Can you make calls with this thing?

    1. Christine Lee

      +AdamHF05 at least its faster than the x

    2. Sarthak Sharma

      when the heck is a call?

    3. ProspectNY11211

      I’m not sure but I hear there’s a feature that allows to ignore texts underwater.

    4. Toutong

      I remember seeing that joke made at the release of the Iphone 3G.

  13. CSR 2 Jr

    900 bucks today and 700 bucks 2 weeks later lol 😂

    1. Mr. Grumps

      Competition drives down price.

  14. Captain Obvious

    2:43 you better take notes, apple

    1. Kevin Ihsan

      Galaxy s10 cost $1,000 and galaxy s10 plus cost 1,100…. same as iphone x and xs max… so how is he broke??

    2. Wilfredo Pineda

      +My penis is unbelievably Small living up to your name I see

    3. Allyson Estes

      +Wilfredo Pineda SKDKSKDKSK

  15. Thea aaa

    It looks like a fake clickbait phone from 2013. I can’t believe these things now exist

    1. Florin Preda

      I thought I was the only one thinking that 😂

  16. Caleb Davis

    Idk why I’m here, my wallet is deeply struggling right now 😂😂😂

  17. Ungureanu Cristi

    Apple leaves the galaxy.

    1. Lincoln Berry III

      I see what you did, there…

  18. Raj Kumar

    Now phones have more ram than the average laptop

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